1965-66 Ford Mustang Rally Pac

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 Up for sale is a custom 'high profile' rally pac that I designed on my 3d printer. Using the template made on the 
3d printer we have produced an injection molded product using polycarbonate ABS plastic (PC-ABS). I was tired of 
the 'dummy' light instrument gauge my mustang had. But I didn't want to buy a $400+ rally pac just to get a tach and 
a clock! With this you can install whatever gauges you'd like! It is designed for Autometer 2 1/16" electric gauges. 
Other company's gauges may require some adjustments to work. 

The gauges in the pictures are for demonstrative purposes only and are NOT included in the sale.

I sprayed it with VHT wrinkle paint to resemble the original finish. You just have to drill the mounting holes for 
your gauges and a hole to route the wires. It mounts on a standard steering column (2 1/4") for a 1965-1966 mustang 
and also fits '64 Falcons and '64 Fairlanes (if they have a floor shifter) and even F100 pickups of the 60's I believe.

The distance from the lip that the gauge face sits on, to the inside bottom is 2 5/8". 
The inside diameter at the bottom of the gauge housing is 2 5/32". 
The distance from the lip that the gauge face sits on, to the outside bottom is 2 3/4". 

Spec sheet for Auto Meter gauges (see section B1)

The nameplate in the middle can be changed from a blank face to other things like: 'Rally Pac', 'Mustang', 'F100', 'Comet', etc.

Unpainted version is $70 + shipping

Contact Shawn at homeyjoe@gmail.com to purchase. 

Rally pacs for other size gauges possible but would be a custom order and may take a couple of weeks depending on the amount of work required.

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